Anchor Flanges from Piping Products

When your application requires a flange that can counteract axial movement, the proper flange is most likely an anchor flange. PPI carries anchor flanges that can be installed on a pipeline to offset any axial movement and ensure a safer, more secure piping system.

Anchor Flanges at Road Turns

How does an anchor flange work? When one of these collar-shaped flanges is attached to a pipeline under a street turn, it is also “anchored” (welded) to a concrete foundation buried underground. If installed properly, an anchor flange will prevent the pipeline from moving at the turn, despite the inherent movement caused by the powerful flow of liquid through the pipe.

Anchor Flanges at Bridge Crossings

The same is true for anchor flanges installed on pipelines that are underneath bridge crossings. If a pipeline at a bridge is not anchored, the friction of liquid that moves through it will push the pipeline out of its position over a period of time. It will almost inevitably sag under the weight of the liquid. But when an anchor flange is installed at each side of the crossing, the pipeline will be held securely in place and prevented from moving.

Anchor Flanges Combat Temperature Changes

Anchor flanges also help the pipes resist any movement that would be caused by temperature changes, which would otherwise cause them to expand and contract. No matter how powerful the flow of liquid is, a well-installed anchor flange system that is welded and locked into an underground concrete foundation will prevent movement in the pipeline and hold it securely in place.

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PPI will be glad to answer your anchor flange questions. To inquire about anchor flanges or place an anchor flange order, contact us today. We will be glad to help.

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