B16 Pipe Flanges from Piping Products

B16 Pipe Flanges

B16 pipe flanges are our most commonly sold product, and for good reason: They are an essential component for many of our customer’s applications. B16 pipe flanges are aptly named for the specifications that they are manufactured to: the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B16 specifications.

If B16 pipe flanges range from ½” to 24″ in nominal pipe size (NPS), they should comply with ASME B16.5 specifications; if they range between 26″ and 60″ in NPS, they should comply with ASME B16.47, Series A & B specifications. At PPI, we are always in compliance with ASME standards for our B16 pipe flanges.

Types of B16 Pipe Flanges

In addition to the popular weld neck variety, we also offer the following varieties of B16 pipe flanges:

  • Blind flanges
  • Threaded flanges
  • Slip on flanges
  • Socket weld flanges
  • Lap joint flanges

In addition to offering various sizes and types of flanges, we can offer flanges in various pressure ratings. We also offer reducing flanges, a type of B16 pipe flange designed to couple together two different sizes of pipe – and, anchor flanges that are designed to be embedded in a concrete thrust block to spread to load over a large surface (to prevent movement of the pipe due when thermal changes and external forces are in play).

B16 Flanges | Flange Faces

We can normally accommodate your requests for:

  • Flat face flanges
  • Raised face flanges
  • Tongue and groove flanges
  • Ring joint flanges

Custom styles may be available; please ask before placing your order. To learn more about the B16 pipe flanges offered by PPI, please call us today with your questions. We will be happy to speak with you.

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