Reducing Flanges from Piping Products

When different sized pipes must be fitted together for a commercial or industrial application, reducing flanges are the most practical, economical way to accomplish the task and complete the project. Reducing flanges are specialty flanges that make the transition from one size of pipe to another simple and seamless. At PPI, we carry several types of reducing flanges, including:

  • Weld-neck reducing flanges
  • Slip-on reducing flanges
  • Threaded reducing flanges

Please note, slip-on reducing flanges over 24″ must be compatible with Industrial Standard or Boiler Code flanges. Please let us know if you need any assistance with choosing the proper reducing flanges for your project.

Custom Reducing Flange Orders

If you have an unusual order and we do not have any reducing flanges in stock that meet your specifications, we will be glad to accommodate your custom order. Please allow ample time for machining and delivery if you place a custom order with us, as we may need to make your specialty flange. Feel free to ask us about expedited delivery.

Contact us for Reducing Flanges

For more information on reducing flanges, contact Piping Products to speak with a knowledgeable company representative. We will be glad to answer your specific questions on reducing flanges or any of the other specialty pipe and flange products we carry.

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