The Quality We Offer at Piping Products

As one of the oldest domestic flange manufacturers in the United States, PPI offers unsurpassed quality to customers in need of flanges and related products. As you know, quality is a term that is used quite casually these days; here is what it means to us.

In our industry, the word quality has come to mean something different than its traditional definition. In the past, it meant your product adhered to the spec for which it was designed. This was a good description, because it meant that the manufacturer was delivering a product that was exactly what the customer wanted: an excellent definition of quality.

Unfortunately, quality could now take on any meaning a manufacturer wants it to. But for us at PPI, quality simply means that we are still making our products the way we have for more than 50 years – exactly the way the customer wants them. We were doing custom manufacturing before anyone else, and that’s something to be proud of.

PPI also offers quality in terms of our:

Raw materials. Many of the raw materials we use come from domestic sources in the USA. We use these high quality materials to make each product.

Fast turnaround. We pride ourselves on timely product delivery. If it is in stock, we can get it to you immediately. If you need a custom order, it will take time – but that time will be worth it, because you will be getting exactly what you need for your application.

Traceability. If you need to know the chemical or physical properties of a PPI product, call us and ask. We will promptly provide you with the Mill Test Report for the heat code stamped on your product. That’s more than good customer service: That’s quality.

And of course, PPI products are manufactured and inspected with a stringent quality control system that ensures they are of the utmost quality when you receive them. These are the advantages we have been offering customers since 1963, and we are proud to continue offering them to you today.

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